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Origin of Races

America is known for its great diversity of people from all over the world, and whether we are short or tall, large or small, or light or dark, human beings are all genetically related, descended from Adam and Eve.

Outrunning Disaster

Can you outrun a natural disaster? Maybe, if it were just a six-mile-an-hour lava flow. But a tsunami can travel up to 600 miles an hour! Just imagine what the great Flood recorded in Genesis was like, when no one escaped except for Noah, his family, and the animals aboard the ark.

Flood Stories

Did you know that many other cultures have passed down the story of Noah’s flood for millennia? Native Americans, Babylonians, Grecians, and Egyptians are just a few of the many peoples with ancient global flood stories that included humans and animals that were spared aboard some kind of vessel.

Second Law

Entropy affects everything—from cells in your body to the magnetic fields of planets. That’s why some scientists doubt that nature can ever make anything better through evolution.

Dumb Luck

Feeling lucky? Scientists tell us that the building blocks of life are amazingly complex, and the chances for basic life to exist are 1 in trillions! And yet, we see the wonder of life all around us.

Little Grand Canyon

Nearly 5 million people from all over the world visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona every year. Many believe that this 277-mile long gorge had formed over millions of years, but another famous North American landmark shows that the Grand Canyon could have been created much faster and not long ago.

Science in Scripture

Some say that the Bible is religion and science is truth, and that means the two are incompatible. But if the Bible is only a religious book, then we might as well not study gravity, the hydrological cycle, and the importance of blood in living things, because Scripture describes all these scientific facts.

Useless Body Parts

Body parts like tonsils and the appendix were once considered unnecessary organs left over from evolution. But scientists have discovered that these “unnecessary” organs are actually very useful.

Evolution in Action

It’s easy to see that puppies grow to become dogs, and that kittens become cats. But what about animals that look very different when they’re babies, like tadpoles?

Isaac Newton

Some of us think of Isaac Newton as the guy who discovered how gravity works…you know, like the apple falling from the tree. But Newton did much more than just that. He was a brilliant mathematician and physicist, and many today recognize him as one of the greatest scientists of all time.

Imitating Humans

We use computers so much that it’s easy to forget that they’ve only been around for about 70 years. But the most brilliantly engineered machines cannot even come close to the complexity and construction of the human brain.

Humans Are Unique

Humans are unique, and we’re the only creatures on earth that celebrate holidays, such as Thanksgiving. And since the Bible says that God made us in His image, we have many, many reasons to be thankful.

Measuring Billions

A little more than one billion minutes have passed since the time Jesus walked the earth. That’s a lot of time! But does it make sense to say that the earth isn’t just one, but over four, billion years old?

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