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Back Trouble

Ever have back troubles? Evolutionists would have you think that the root of back pain comes from evolutionary ancestors. But the fact of the matter is, two legs or four, we all get back troubles.

Goldilocks Planet

Scientists have been searching for the Goldilocks planet for years. Like the fairy tale, it’s about finding a planet that’s “just right” for life. But earth is the only planet that’s able to support life, as created by a loving God.

Ant Engineer

Ants can ruin picnics and cause all kinds of trouble. But these little creatures have amazing attributes that scientists are now learning from.

Land Ho!

Despite the no-frills travel these days, millions continue to fly each year.. on business, on vacation, and for the holidays. But few travel over seven thousand miles in just nine days – and no airplane can do it without stopping.

Beetle Battle

We’ve all seen pictures of animals doing battle or predators stalking their unsuspecting prey. But the Bombardier beetle is equipped with what scientists have described as a chemical cannon.

Looking Young

No one’s ever discovered the “fountain of youth” but a lot of us still try to keep up a youthful appearance. Scientists also tell us about the age of this planet we call home. But not everyone’s in agreement.

Evolving Bacteria

With all the bad bacteria out there, scientists are working hard to develop new antibiotics to combat them. But these microbes often mutate when they reproduce, making some of them resistant to medicine. Is this process “evolution in action”?

Sharp Teeth

If God created humans and animals to eat only fruits and vegetables, how did meat get onto the menu? And why do some animals have sharp teeth if they weren’t supposed to eat meat in the beginning?

Dino Cells

Paleontologists dig up all kinds of fossils, mostly just small bones or sea shells. But occasionally they discover unusual fossils, like squid with ink, lizards with skin, or even a T. Rex with blood!

Night Sky

God made our sky filled with all kinds of beautiful and unique features that remind us of His power and artistry when we look up at night.

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