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Age of the Earth

History of Geology

It's no secret that evolutionary old age assumptions about the earth dominate the scientific field and the classroom. But, there was a time in history when this wasn't the case! What caused such a dramatic change?

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Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds; these precious stones radiate beauty, and delight those who possess them. How does their beauty reflect God's handiwork in creation?

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We walk on them, admire their beauty, use them to build our homes, and tell our kids not to throw them.  Though rocks may not be exciting to everyone, they are a fascinating part of God's creation.

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The Quaking Earth

We've seen the devastating impact of large earthquakes in different parts of the world.  Earthquakes are an unfortunate phenomenon of the earth on which we live, but why do we have them?

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Space, the Final Frontier

The vast, seemingly endless universe holds many mysteries. Man, in his quest for knowledge of cosmic origins continues to search for new discoveries in the heavens. But, could the answer he's looking for be right here on earth?

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Design of Fruit Trees

Many of us enjoy sweet fresh fruit or delectable hot fruit desserts. The trees that give us such wonderful food are flowering plants that continually reproduce themselves. How do they do it?

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Flowering Plants

We admire their beauty, breathe in their fragrance, and are nourished by their products.  While Darwin called their origin an "abominable mystery," the Bible says they were created in the beginning.

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As children, we would lie on our backs on a grassy patch and study big, puffy, white clouds as our imaginations ran wild.  Even more fascinating than their beauty is the way clouds work in our atmosphere.

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The Power of the Wind

The wind is a fascinating creation of God, and is a very important part of our weather system. It can be our friend on a hot summer's day, but it can also be a destructive foe in the form of hurricanes and tornados.

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The Great Dinosaur Dilemma

Dinosaurs have long been the center of controversy, used by secular paleontologists to support an ancient earth. Creationists, however, aren't the only ones disagreeing with evolutionary interpretations of dinosaurs; it seems evolutionists are at odds with each other over dinosaur fossil discoveries.

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Fossil Record

Bones of Contention

It's amazing how at times evolutionary scientists will dig up part of a skull, a jaw bone, or a tooth--construct some sort of ape man out of it, then use it to proclaim evolution between animals and people as fact.  But, do these fossils really back up this claim?

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Early Man

What was ancient man really like? Was he a stooped-over, club wielding caveman who invented fire and barbequed T-Rex? Was he on an evolutionary journey to modern man, or was he just the same as you and me?

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The Human Genome

The human genome is an amazing creation. It took years for scientists to map the genome and gain an understanding of its complex workings. But, how much do we really know?

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Are We Really Related to Apes?

The human genome is an amazing creation. It took years for scientists to map the genome and gain an understanding of its complex workings. But, how much do we really know?

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Human Body

Are Humans Evolving?

According to the teaching of evolution, everything evolved from one form to another. If this is true, shouldn't we still see evolution happening today? What about human beings? Are we evolving to a higher level?

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Human Evolution

For decades secular scientists have been trying to prove that humans evolved from an ape-like ancestor. However, one of their strongest arguments in favor of human evolution actually disproves it.

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Origin of Diseases

Throughout the ages, diseases have caused pain, misery and death around the globe. But, why must we suffer this way? If God created everything good in the beginning, how did such bad diseases come to be?

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Noah's Ark and Flood

What Really Happened at Grand Canyon?

Many people are confused about how Arizona's Grand Canyon was formed.  Some think it was carved out by the Colorado River over millions of years, while others believe it eroded during Noah's Flood.  So, what really happened at Grand Canyon?

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Underwater World

The world beneath the ocean waves is mysterious, alluring and fascinating! Although this underwater environment is vastly different from dry land, both were designed by the same Creator, and are in certain ways quite similar.

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Origin of Life

Origins Controversy

Were we created or did we just accidentally get here? That is the question that has fueled the fire of the origins debate.  But, if opposing scientists see the same evidence, why the controversy?

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The Unlevel Playing Field of the Origins

The origins debate between evolutionists and creationists has been going on for decades. But, what happens when arguments turn from scientific evidence into belittlement and personal insults?

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Problems with Evolution

Ask a Creation Scientist

Did we come from apes? Did Noah's Flood really happen? Are fossils millions of years old? These are three major issues in the continuing debate over origins. What do creation scientists have to say about these divisive topics?

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Did God Use Evolution to Create?

Because miracles are hard to understand, many people do not accept that God created everything in six ordinary days.  Instead, they believe that God used evolution to create. But, why would an all-powerful God need the process of evolution?

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Lincoln and Darwin

Lincoln and Darwin are not names that you'd normally hear in the same sentence.  But, these two historical figures are similar in some very ominous ways.  What are they?  And, what is the main difference between them?  Go back in time with us as we compare the great slave emancipator with the father of the evolution movement.

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The Book that Deceived the World

Words can be a powerful and persuasive tool for good or evil. In 1859 a book that challenged the truthfulness of God's Word and denied Him as Creator was published and became widely received. What was this book that deceived the world?

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The Turning of the Evolutionist

We know from the Bible and science that evolution is impossible. An animal can't change into other kind of animal, and a leopard can't change its spots. But, can an evolutionist be changed into a Bible-believing creationist?

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Radiometric Dating


These amazing stones hold a fascination for many.  They glitter and sparkle in all types of jewelry and ornamentation.  To some they represent power, status, pride and wealth.  To a bride it tells her that she's the recipient of love and commitment.   But where do these stones come from? And why are they so rare?  And even more importantly, did the Creator carve out a message for us within these dazzling diamonds?

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From Dugongs to Dragons

This world is filled with many unique creatures that inhabit specific regions of the globe. And, while we see many of these animals in zoos, there are still plenty more we're not familiar with. But, do unique and strange characteristics of wild animals prove evolution, or do they showcase part of God's magnificent creation?

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Animal Invaders

Animals are a wonderful part of God's creation.  Some are wild and exotic, while others are cute and cuddly.  And then there are the ones that invade and destroy other creatures.  Some would say that we see such behavior in the animal kingdom because of evolutionary influences.  But is this really true?

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Chemical Warfare

We may think that small animals which lack sharp teeth and claws are defenseless. However, some of God's little creatures use chemical warfare to quickly put their enemies to flight!  What are some of these fascinating creatures, and how do they use their chemical weapons?

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