ICR Radio History

In 1972, a local Christian radio affiliate of Family Radio Network, KECR, invited ICR founder Dr. Henry M. Morris to host a weekly 15-minute broadcast called Science, Scripture, & Salvation on their station. Initial broadcasts covered many topics, including some from his book The Bible Has the Answer, especially those dealing with scientific issues.

Recorded first at the KECR studios and later by a cassette tape recorder in Dr. Morris' office, the sound quality was inferior at times, but the material was God-honoring, and God blessed. Soon the entire Family Radio Network had picked up the program, and it has continued to grow ever since.

ICR radio also broadcasts the one-minute daily Back to Genesis with ICR President Emeritus John Morris.

Most ICR programs are aired free of charge by the radio stations, except in a few cases of local sponsorship. Thus, ICR is able to concern itself solely with ministering to the listeners and not having to ask for donations.

Thousands have become friends of ICR through our radio ministry with testimonials of lives changed, doubts overcome, and barriers to salvation removed. God has and continues to use this incredibly effective tool to minister to His people, and we are most thankful.