Pikes Peak Creation Fellowship - Colorado Springs, CO

Dr. Frank Sherwin will be speaking on Human Evolution at the Pikes Peak Creation Fellowship monthly meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Date: Mar 9, 2024

This is a free event, and registration is not required.


Saturday, March 9th, 2024
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1:00 p.m. Human Evolution The media, movies, and nature programs overwhelmingly emphasize the idea that humans evolved from primate ancestors. But, what do genetics and the fossil record say? Not a month goes by that we don't read science headlines like, "Prehistoric human shakes up evolutionary tree" (Reuters, 2021).

Do people and chimps really have 98% similar DNA? Who or what was "Lucy"? Were the Neanderthals sub-human? Are our wisdom teeth, appendices, and tonsils just evolutionary leftovers?

Dr. Sherwin's non-technical presentation confirms that people have always been people, just as Genesis says.

Pikes Peak Creation Fellowship
Mesa Hills Bible Church
615 W Uintah Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80905

For more information please call 214.615.8333 or email events@icr.org.

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