Christian Educators Conference • Dallas, TX.

In conjunction with the Creation Training Initiative, the Institute for Creation Research will host the Christian Educators’ Conference at the ICR Discovery Center for Science and Earth History. Mr. Mike Riddle and Dr. Anthony Silvestro from the Creation Training Initiative, will lead the sessions in this conference.

Dates: Jun 13, 2023 - Jun 16, 2023

Registration details coming soon!

Group rates for churches and Christian educators:

Groups of 1 – 4 people: $85.00 / person.
Groups of 5 – 9 people: $75.00 / person.
Groups of 10 or more: $60.00 / person.

Seating is limited, so register early!

About This Event
Creation Training Initiative’s Christian Educators’ Conference spans parts of four days, and is designed to provide Christian educators with the awareness, knowledge, and importance of Biblical apologetics and that it is essential to equip the next generation with this knowledge so that they can defend their faith and be better prepared to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with confidence.

This conference is intended for Christian educators (private school, Bible study, Sunday school, home school), pastors, or anyone interested in teaching / speaking. The class format includes lectures, exercises, and class participation. In addition, Christian school teachers earn 3.5 CEUs through ACSI towards recertification.

This is a great opportunity to ask questions and learn how to teach your students about creation vs evolution, the sanctity of human life, Critical Race Theory, and how to help them to defend their faith.

The Christian Educators Conference starts on Tuesday, June 13th, and concludes on Friday, June 16th. Please plan to arrive early on Tuesday to check-in. You are also welcome to arrive early on Tuesday (starting at 10:00 a.m.) or stay late on Friday (until 5:00 p.m.) to experience the ICR Discovery Center Exhibit Hall (included in your registration) and Planetarium (tickets sold separately).

Outline of Topics
• Establishing Biblical Foundations
• Critical Thinking Skills
• How to Understand the Days of Creation
• Theological Problems with an Old Earth
• Biblical Apologetics
• Taking the “Oomph” Out of Evolution, Part 1: The Origin of Life
• Taking the “Oomph” Out of Evolution, Part 2: Natural Selection
• Presuppositional Apologetics, Part 1: Introduction
• Presuppositional Apologetics, Part 2: The Problem of Evil
• The Purpose and Dynamics of Christian Education
• Taking the “Oomph” Out of Evolution, Part 3: The Fossil Record
• Taking the “Oomph” Out of Evolution, Part 4: Dating Fossils and Rocks
• Dinosaurs and the Bible
• Taking the “Oomph” Out of Evolution, Part 5: The Origin of Humans
• The Sanctity of Human Life
• Critical Race Theory / Social Justice Movement

For nearby hotels that have discounted rates for ICR Discovery Center guests, please visit: Places to Stay on the Discovery Center website.

ICR Discovery Center for Science & Earth History
1830 Royal Lane
Dallas, TX 75229

For more information or to register, please call 859.250.7987 or email Creation Training Initiative.

Map and Directions