the Son of God

John 10:36

10:36 the Son of God. In Psalm 82:1, the word “gods” is the Hebrew elohim, the usual word for “God.” There, however, it is applied to human judges to whom the Word of God had come. However, the Word had never “come” to Jesus. He Himself was the Word, whom the Father had “sent into the world.” No mere man, not even a human judge, was ever sent into the world with such a mission, yet they had been called “gods.” These human judges, or “gods,” had been rebuked for failing to dispense true justice (Psalm 82:2), so God had sent His Son into the world to accomplish true justice, thereby fulfilling the prophecy of Psalm 82:8. Thus, if these fallible and unjust human judges had been called “gods” (supposedly acting in the name of the true God and Judge), then surely it was more appropriate by far for them to recognize Jesus as the Son of God.

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