to the gate

Ruth 4:1

4:1 to the gate. In that age and earlier (e.g., Genesis 19:1) legal business was commonly handled at the gate of the city.

4:5 buyest the field. The right of a kinsman-redeemer to redeem the property of a dead relative, thereby preventing it from passing outside the family, is set forth in Leviticus 25:25-34. These events described in the book of Ruth indicate that this right of property redemption was also directly linked to the responsibility of raising up children to preserve “the name of the dead upon his inheritance” (Ruth 4:10).

4:6 cannot redeem it. The redeemer must not only be a kinsman (Leviticus 25:25), but must also be willing, free and have the necessary price. As our great Kinsman Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ indeed fulfills all the conditions (see notes on Revelation 5:1-10).

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