without iniquity

Deuteronomy 32:4

32:4 without iniquity. Whatever God does is right, by definition, and whatever He says is true. See also Psalm 33:4-5.

32:8 sons of Adam. As Moses began his final song, he reminded his people that there had been “many generations” before them. Yet he told them they had been in God’s plan from the beginning, even making reference to the primeval father Adam. The different nations had received their inheritance and boundaries after the Flood and after Babel, as recorded in Genesis 10, the Table of Nations. It is noteworthy that there are seventy nations listed in this Table, where it says that “by these [families of the three sons of Noah] were the nations divided in the earth after the flood” (Genesis 10:32). These seventy did not include Israel, for this was before the days of Abraham. Nevertheless, just as there were seventy people in the original nation of Israel as they entered Egypt with Jacob (Genesis 46:27), so God in His prescience had ordained “bounds” for seventy original nations in the world after the Flood. Although the number of Israelites had multiplied by a factor of thirty thousand or more in the four hundred or so years in Egypt, the number “seventy” has been associated with Israel in many ways ever since (seventy elders, seventy in the Sanhedrin, seventy Septuagint translators, seventy weeks of Daniel, seventy years captivity, etc.). The number of nations in the world, on the other hand, has only slightly more than doubled in the four thousand or so years since Babel.

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