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New Defender's Study Bible Notes

10:10 staves. The parallel account of these instructions (Mark 6:8) says that Jesus told “them that they should take nothing for their journey, save a staff only.” Since “stave” and “staff” are from the same Greek word, there seems to be a slight contradiction as to what Jesus actually said. However, “provide” (Matthew 10:9) is from a different Greek word than “take” in Mark 6:8. That is, the disciples were told to take only what they already had, namely, the ordinary walking stick that they normally carried as they walked from place to place. But they were not to make other special preparations, nor to acquire an extra staff or new shoes or an additional coat, but to rely entirely on the Lord through His people to provide their needs.

10:10 scrip. A “scrip” was a wallet or small bag in which to carry money or provisions for a journey.

10:10 worthy of his meat. Paul quotes this assertion is in the same way as he used the Old Testament Scriptures, viewing both as divinely inspired (I Timothy 5:18; see also Luke 10:7).

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