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The Seed Snatchers

Someone at a meeting said to me "If you stand on the devil's toes, he is going to react. You people in the foundational creation ministry are really stamping on his toes. Be prepared for a major reaction."

ICR is a foundational ministry of vital importance—counteracting the great lie of atheistic evolution, restoring the foundational belief in creation and the historical fall—so vital to the salvation message. If this ministry is so foundational, then Scripture warns us that there will be a reaction from the evil one. If we were not getting a reaction, we would need to re-evaluate our ministry.

Are we getting a reaction? Is it obvious that Satan is active against this ministry? Is there organized opposition? Is this ministry deemed dangerous by those against Christianity?

YES! YES! YES! YES! To all four questions. There are not many ministries for which the humanists have set up special watchdogs in each state, national centers, newsletters, and a special journal, just to oppose them. This, in itself, should make obvious the degree to which the humanists view our ministry as "dangerous." ICR is a vital ministry to the battlefront of humanism and its war on Christianity.

But let us read what the humanists themselves say about what we are doing. The following is an excerpt from the newsletter of what is called The National Center for Science Education, Inc., which claims to be "religiously neutral," yet the names listed on its letterhead include leading atheists and humanists. This organization sponsor' the Committees of Correspondence, which are set up specifically to monitor, report on, and oppose creationist activities. The October 1991 newsletter stated the following: (Sections in brackets are our comments).

In Massachusetts, the Institute for Creation Research drew 4,000 enthusiastic citizens to a Back to Genesis rally last year. In Michigan, a Back to Genesis seminar drew 6,000 people, and in California, one drew 7,000. Subsequently, area teachers began receiving leaflets and calls from parents, encouraging them to introduce this new science of creationism into the curriculum. [The Lord is blessing Back to Genesis, and people are responding.]

In Illinois, a board of education was so dismayed that the new biology textbooks were so unbalanced [they didn't cover creationism] that it directed the staff to develop a unit on creationism.... In Oregon, a group of parents is requesting a local school board to introduce a new science called the "intelligent design theory.... Nationally, a new anti-evolution book...sold out its first 15,000 copies within the first month of publication." [Back to Genesis educates people at the grass-roots level, and they are putting on the pressure at school boards, etc.]

The movement is beginning to affect some college classes, too.... If you have not yet had an outbreak of scientific creationism in your area, you probably will some time in the future.... NCSE needs to know you are there to provide information to individuals in your community who wish, as you do, to support evolution.

Aren't you thrilled, as a supporter of ICR, that humanists are so worried about this ministry? It certainly reinforces how vital this organization is, and how worthy of your support it is.

But beware! To see the Lord's blessing and the resulting success is one thing; to be reminded of what Satan will do in response, and, therefore, how we should prepare, is another.

The parable of the sower and the seed reminds us that Satan will try to catch away the seed that is being sown. "When any one heareth the word of the kingdom, and understandeth it not, then cometh the wicked one, and catcheth away that which was sown in his heart" (Matthew 13:19).

ICR is using all of its resources to sow the seed; Satan is raising up people and organizations to catch away this seed. On the one hand, this is a praise point-that Satan singles out ICR in this way; but it is also a prayer point. Soldiers in a battle suffer in many ways. Spiritual battles take their toll, as well. Our speakers, researchers, staff, and their families need your prayers. ICR needs your support. We don't want dust to maintain what the Lord has enabled us to accomplish; we want to advance the front lines. Evolutionists are gang out of their way to try to stop people from hearing the wonderful message of creation and the Gospel. We need to go out of our way to make sure they do hear. This is a Biblical injunction. We pray you will be stirred in your hearts and minds to support this successful battlefront ministry.

The Results? The evolutionists and humanists, through their newsletter, have told some of the results. We want to excite you with some of the many that have been communicated to us, here at ICR:

My husband was one of those people who was raised in a Christian home, but turned away from his faith. He studied geology in college.... I came back from the seminar with several books and he started reading them. He said it all makes sense. He came to church on Sunday and listened to you speak. He has completely turned around. He no longer doubts" (Letter on file at the office.)
My family and I had the privilege of attending your seminar in Virginia Beach... What a change it has made in my life.... That seminar did more to strengthen our faith than any church could. I was humanized in public school for 12 years and then again in college until I believed the evolutionist's lies. Now I no longer have one shred of doubt..." (Letter on file at the office.)

Just Some of the Thousands of Ministry Responses
(All on file at the office):

Engineer: "I am encouraged and challenged to take this information and do something with it-to reach the lost!"

Teacher: "... encouraged me to be more bold and forthright with my science students."

Pastor: "... renewed my burden/desire to not give up on reaching out to the lost."

Student: "I am in junior high and getting a lot of evolution at school; this is helping me a lot . . ."

A father, in a verbal communication:

"I could never have become a Christian if you hadn't answered my questions on evolution."

Minister: "I gained more confidence. in God's Word."

From the Ukraine: "I was an atheist, but through printed matter of Institute for Creation Research I have come to Christianity and have accepted Jesus Christ as my Personal Savior. Now I have Jesus Christ in my heart."

Missionary: "I appreciate very much the work of ICR. We use many of your articles and books in our work in the schools of East Berlin."

Medical doctor: "Thank you for your work for the Lord. As I have told you in the past, that work was used of God so that I came to believe.... Dr. Morris, I have matured into a joyful soul winner. I have had the pleasure of seeing 21 people pray to receive Jesus Christ since I last wrote to you."

Scientist: "Four years ago I graduated with a Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry. During my time in graduate school, I started to question much of the Bible and my Christian faith and commitment. Three years ago, however, after my brother gave me some books and literature by the Institute for Creation Research; I have rededicated my life to Christ.... I currently work in a research laboratory and have challenged several of my colleagues by lending them some of those books. It has been a very effective way of sharing Christ with them."

We at ICR are excited—ecstatic, in fact! What a privilege to be involved in such a vital and foundational ministry in these times. Be encouraged—despite the dark, gloomy clouds of humanism in this nation, the Lord has raised up ICR and you, our supporters. Like Paul and Barnabas, it could be said, "... I have set thee to be a light of the Gentiles, that thou shouldest be for salvation unto the ends of the earth."(Acts 13:47).

Cite this article: Kenneth Ham. 1992. The Seed Snatchers. Acts & Facts. 21 (2).

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