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Now Showing: Life Through the Ice Age

Since the grand opening of the ICR Discovery Center for Science & Earth History last September, many visitors have enjoyed the Ice Age Theater. Libby, a local Dallas-Ft. Worth resident, said, “I really like the Ice Age room, hearing about some evidence recorded in the book of Job about snow and ice and how it really wouldn’t have been necessarily the climate that [the Middle East] has today.” Sara said, “My favorite part was the Ice Age Theater…bringing the biblical aspects into history.” While the opening show, Mystery of the Ice Age, focuses on the catastrophic cause of this frigid period, our new film Life Through the Ice Age reveals how people and animals survived during this time.

Life Through the Ice Age offers reasonable, biblical answers to popular Ice Age questions: Was the whole Earth covered in ice? How did creatures grow thick coats and sharp tusks? Why are wooly mammoths buried in Siberian permafrost? If you’ve already visited the Discovery Center, we encourage you to return and see this new show. If you haven’t yet experienced our cutting-edge exhibits and presentations, we hope you’ll plan your visit soon!

Yes, the Discovery Center is open, but we still need funds to sustain this incredible ministry outreach. Go to for more information. Partner with us in prayer and help us proclaim the truth of our Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ!

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