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Discovery Center Live Presentations and Special Events

Have you been wanting to ask an expert your deepest questions about faith and science? Would you like to hear your favorite ICR scientist speak in person? You have the opportunity to do both at the ICR Discovery Center for Science & Earth History. ICR scientists and scholars offer live presentations in the Founder’s Hall auditorium throughout the month.

Founder’s Hall seating is usually first come, first served for visitors who purchase a ticket to the planetarium or exhibit hall. Occasionally, though, a separate Founder’s Hall ticket is required for special speaking events. Such was the case for the Made in His Image Weekend event we hosted at the Discovery Center January 17-18.

During the MIHI Weekend, medical doctor and Professional Engineer Dr. Randy Guliuzza and geneticist Dr. Jeff Tomkins offered science presentations that explored the wonders of God’s design in the human body—created fully functional, fully human, and fully in His image. Attendees discovered how every person is created by God with unique physical abilities, intellect, and spiritual life to fulfill His purpose.

We’re planning other presentations and special events at the Discovery Center, and we want to see you here! Use our live presentation calendar (
) to maximize your visit and ensure you have the correct ticket to attend.

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