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The Chasm Is Widening

" . . . more kids listen to Madonna than go to Sunday school," stated the Times Advocate newspaper in a report on a school board election where two Christians were voted on the school board in a school district in San Diego county. This brought to three (out of five) the number of Christians on that particular board.

The report went on: "The fact and its aftermath have drawn national attention, especially because Tyndall and Lee are expected to often vote with Trustee Deidre Holliday, another conservative Christian on the five-member board."

Why did this event receive national attention? For the same reason that, while the recent USA election results were being reported on television, whenever someone classed as a conservative Christian failed to win their seat, the media and their guests seemed to gloat over what they saw as an important victory to them.

There is no doubt about it. The anti-Christian sentiment in this nation is rising at an alarming rate. Once conservative Christian values were the norm in our society, but now those who hold such values are not only being held up to ridicule, they increasingly are being considered the ENEMY!

Sadly, most Christians do not realize that generations of young people, including many of their own children, are being subtly indoctrinated in anti-Christian values. These young people eventually become senators and congressmen, and of course apply all they have been taught, voting against anything that hints of Christian conservatism.

For instance, in regard to issues such as homosexual behavior, those who speak out against such behavior are considered intolerant, unloving, and a danger to society. Even many who profess to be Christians side with those advocating homosexual behavior as a legitimate "alternative."

How long will it be before those who speak out against pedophilia (sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object) will also be considered intolerant? You may think this is going too far, but is it? In a November 16, 1992 Focus on the Family article, "Pedophilia Steps into the Daylight," we read the following:

The public at large may be confused about sexual morality, but is still repulsed by pedophilia. What the public doesn't know is that some researchers and institutions it respects believe pedophilia is healthy and should be legalized and promoted.
"People think that any contact between children and adults . . . has a bad effect on the child," said Wardell Pomeroy, Ph.D., who has worked in the field of sex research and education for more than 40 years. "I say that this can be a loving and thoughtful, responsible sexual activity."

The article goes on to quote John Money, Ph.D., a retired professor of medical psychology and pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University and Hospital in Baltimore as saying that pedophilia "should be viewed as a sexual orientation, not a disease or disorder."

In the same article, John DeCecco, head of the Human Sexuality Program at San Francisco State University, who teaches a course in "variations" of sexual behavior, is reported as telling his students that adult-child sex is a legitimate expression of sexuality.

At the moment, of course, the majority of Americans would not consider pedophilia legitimate. However, it wasn't very long ago that the majority in America did not consider homosexual behavior legitimate either, but today it is!

But what is the real problem? It is simply this! Once we take away the Bible as the foundation for our thinking and replace this foundation with human opinion, then whatever the majority of people consider legitimate becomes acceptable to society as a whole. Keep in mind that the Bible clearly states that man's heart is deceitful and desperately wicked and that "there is none righteous, no, not one" (Romans 3:10). Man's natural tendency is to go after that which is bad rather than that which is good.

We have been emphasizing over and over again in our lectures and writings the religious nature of evolutionism and its implications for society. The more people accept evolution and reject creation, and the more they accept the idea that man determines truth rather than God, then the more society will reject the absolutes of the Creator and will replace these with rules that will allow man to express his sinful nature. This soon will necessitate rules against those who speak against such sinful behavior.

When the laws of a nation decriminalize abortion, homosexual behavior, euthanasia, and other abominations such as pedophilia (yes, that probably will come eventually), then laws will eventually come to make it a criminal act to speak against such things.

Do we really understand what is happening? As Christian ethics, based on God's Word, are removed, and as humanist philosophy, founded in evolutionary principles, replaces it, then humanists will soon seek to suppress all opposition from those who adhere to the plain teaching of Scripture.

Recently I read an article in Current Comments, by Gerald Hoiton, Professor of Physics and Professor of History of Science at Harvard University. In this article. Professor Holton used the term "anti-science" as an attack on creationists. He lumped creationists in with those who study UFO's, paranormal phenomenology, New Agers, etc. In the rest of the article, creationists and anti-evolutionists feature prominently as an obvious danger to society. Professor Holton offers practical ways to overcome this situation. He is advocating taking children at an early age and totally indoctrinating them in what he calls, "conventional science" (which is nothing more than atheistic evolutionary philosophy), and making sure that those who educate them have passed through the same indoctrination process. This is nothing less than absolute mind control.

Imagine the outcry of the educational establishment if a Christian proposed indoctrinating others in the same way Dr. Holton has proposed. But what he has proposed is exactly where education is heading. In fact, we are, I believe, going to see a move to standardize the education process more and more, and part of this will be an attempt by the humanists to gain control even of home schooling and Christian schooling.

What is the answer to all of this? For those of you who have seen the movie, The Genesis Solution," let me remind you of something I said towards the end of the film. Even if Christians managed to get the laws changed in regard to abortion, say, if the next generation believes evolution even more than before, they will quickly change the laws back again to what they want.

The problem is that too many Christians have been fighting over the current issues and not dealing with the real problem—the attitudes of people toward God. Society can't be changed from the top down, it must change from the foundation upwards. There is a foundational problem in society. The foundation of God's Word has been removed and replaced with an evolutionary foundation. Practices such as abortion and many others to which we object are logical outcomes of any society that does not accept God's Word as foundational to its thinking.

In an article in the Way Street Journal, December 7, 1992, Irving Kristol, who was not writing from a Biblical perspective, made some very insightful points that Christians need to ponder. In talking about the problem of family values in society, Kristol said:

Most Americans do believe in family values, but they find it close to impossible to protect and insulate young people from the secular authorities, whether political, educational, or cultural. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that they still have a touching faith in the secular institutions that once served them well, at a time when such institutions were deferential to religion. Such deference has since been replaced by hostility—only most Americans seem unaware of it.
. . . the left today completely dominates the education establishment, the entertainment industry, the universities, the media.... There is no point in trying to inject Family values" into these institutions. They will debase and corrupt the very idea while pretending to celebrate it.
. . . If eight years of Ronald Reagan's presidency made so little difference to this issue, we have no right to entertain serious expectations from electing conservatives to office.... Family values is primarily a religious issue.

Kristol understands better than many Christians, but he did not himself get to the root of the problem. "Family values" ought to be God's rules, which means that the Bible must be obeyed, because God is Creator! This is what has been removed from society. That is why the creation ministry is so vital. This ministry is on the cutting edge in dealing with the foundational problem. There needs to be a heart change in society—an attitudinal change toward God. People need to accept the Creator and Savior as Lord of their lives. That is when we will see society start to change.

How we Christians today need to be like the children of Issachar in the Bible: "And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do" (I Chronicles 12:32). The chasm between Christian and non-Christian is widening. What are we going to do about it? Which side are we REALLY on?

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