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Hello, my name is Rebecca Barber. I work here at ICR’s School of Biblical Apologetics, and I recently finished a project detailing the history of my father, ICR Founder Dr. Henry Morris. I’m excited about our upcoming Discovery Center because of the depth of the science research that will be visually presented. Dad spent his life trying to make creation science available to everyone, and I can’t help but think that he would be pleased with the quality of research and the evidence that will be on display.

I am especially intrigued by the science data that Dr. Tim Clarey is collecting on the sediments around the world and how that relates to the global Flood. The ICR Discovery Center will have a large 48-inch sphere that will project images of these worldwide sediments as they progressively covered the earth. This exhibit, and many others, will give visitors a fuller understanding of how science confirms the accuracy of Scripture.

Construction of the Discovery Center is almost finished, but we still need to fund exhibits. Will you help us complete this groundbreaking project?


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