God Caused Wisdom

Wisdom is, essentially, the effective understanding and use of information.  Humans discover information; we do not invent it.  Through wisdom, humanity has developed (i.e. used information effectively) a set of scientific laws that elegantly express reality in the language of mathematics.  Johann Kepler, the noted founder of physical astronomy, is said to have considered his science to be "thinking God's thoughts after Him."

The unfathomable intelligence that was used to invent the universe, and to pre-program its interactive workings, is a source of "wisdom" beyond-the-imagination.  In particular, the cause of our universe coming into being, and of its continuing to operate as it does, is a dynamic display of the Creator's wisdom, some of which we can scientifically understand and effectively apply.  When we do, we are (as Kepler) "thinking God's thoughts after Him."

To the extent that humans have any wisdom at all, much less the wisdom necessary to understand a meaningful amount of the working of the universe, the very fact that we can understand at all is more amazing than the marvelous physics of the universe!  How can an immaterial mind, residing inside a human body, made mostly of water (along with other constituent elements of the earth), comprehend anything, even this sentence?

It is only by God's creative grace that human being can think any thoughts at all, much less thoughts that are logical and analytical enough to be called "scientific."