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ICR provides teachers in both Christian and public education valuable online resources through our new Evidence for Creation site. Covering subjects of science, truth, nature, the Bible, and God as Creator, this site allows teachers and students the ability to study the issues of creation, the Bible, and science systematically or browse by topic. Teachers who want to be prepared with answers for students and colleagues will find the Evidence for Creation site a daily resource in lesson preparation.

Energy Cannot Naturally Be Created or Destroyed
Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another. An energy source beyond nature is required. More...

Geological Evidence Indicates Rapid Formation
Sedimentary rock beds that were rapidly formed cover the earth. A big, water-based event happened in the recent past to form the geological features around us. More...

Natural Selection and Adaptation Preserve Life Forms, Rather Than Generate New Ones
Changes in basic kinds are limited to variations within the kinds. Harmful mutations lead to extinction, not new complex systems. Mutations can not create a single gene. More...

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