God Caused Order

Ordered systems or structures do not happen spontaneously.  We never observe orderliness occurring by accident, without an intelligent cause to direct the order.  No amount of power or energy is enough to bring order out of chaos.  Try shooting a wristwatch with a bullet; the watch's order does not increase!  (The only order in a watch is that which the watchmaker intelligently puts into it at the beginning.)

Likewise, if we drop a plain glass bottle of spoiled milk on bricks, it quite naturally shatters into a more disorderly arrangement: chaotic glass fragments mixed with spilt spoiled milk.  It could never reform itself into a more exquisitely-sculpted glass container containing fresh milk!

The mere addition of "lots of energy" is not enough, either.  A tired human eats to gain food energy, but eating hot coals is not an adequate energy source, because it fails to match and cooperate with the orderly design of human digestive systems.

Everyday experiences, such as broken watches and spilled milk, remind us that order does not happen by itself.  In fact, our entire universe teaches us that same truth.  The earth's rotation, the moon cycle, and the changing seasons are just a few of the ordered processes observable in nature.  These processes don't happen randomly but are divinely caused by God.

God is the Author and Organizer of orderliness.  His design and construction of our own bodies, through the complexity of biogenesis, is a proper reason for glorifying and thanking Him for making us.