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New Defender's Study Bible Notes

2:41 the same day. The fact that three thousand people could be baptized in one day has been doubted by some. This was certainly a remarkable response to Peter’s preaching—preceded and stimulated, of course, by Christ’s resurrection and the miraculous manifestations of the Holy Spirit. But it was certainly not impossible. Assuming that the 120 disciples who had received the baptism of the Holy Spirit had already been baptized in water, either by John, John’s disciples, or Jesus’ disciples, it would be reasonable to assume that at least half of that company were able to perform the baptismal ceremony. There were a number of brooks and pools in the city of Jerusalem, so sixty disciples performing fifty baptisms each would be quite feasible, and would only take about four hours at the most.

2:41 three thousand souls. The precedent set on the day of Pentecost seems to indicate that the new converts should be baptized as soon as they have truly repented and believed in the name of Jesus Christ. The modern practice of delaying baptism until some convenient season, or even ignoring it altogether, is clearly unscriptural.

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