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Join Dr. Clarey during the adult worship service as he exposes dinosaurs as recent creations and living with man. Learn the truth about dinosaurs and how they line up with the biblical account. If you have youth 6th grade and up they can join the youth service as ICR's Dave Napier as he presents "Three Things that Crush Evolution". He will show that Evolution cannot explain the geological column, dinosaurs, or DNA. Children in 1st through 5th grade will join ICR's Miss Emily Steele for fun talks and dinosaur activities. Don't miss this fun and faith building event.

Date: Jun 9, 2024

Schedule and Registration
This event is free, and registration is not required

Sunday, June 9th, 2024
Time Session Speaker Title Description
10:00 a.m. Sunday Worship Service
  Adult Session Dr. Tim Clarey Do Dinosaurs Support Evolutionary Theory? Dr. Clarey refutes the notion of dinosaur evolution and ancestry by examining four common dinosaur myths. He exposes each one using scientific evidence and concludes that dinosaurs were created just thousands of years ago. Dinosaurs were not feathered and likely not warm-blooded as most secularists seem to believe. The evidence supports the idea that all dinosaur kinds were created fully-formed by God on Day 6 of the creation week.
  Youth Session Mr. Dave Napier 3 Things That Crush Evolution This youth presentation is a fun and high energy talk showing that evolution just can't explain the world around us. The fossil record, dinosaurs, and DNA all leave evolutionists grasping for straws. When the observable evidence is revealed, these three things crush evolution at its very core.
  Children's Session Miss Emily Steele Dinos and Man - A Mystery Worth Solving Have you ever imagined that you are a brave knight fighting off a dragon or a princess held hostage by the vicious creature awaiting your rescue? Some of our favorite stories, fairy tales, and art are based on history and myth that these creatures (dragons and dinosaurs) lived with man - but did they? Join us as we explore 4 evidences in history, art, the fossil record, and the Bible that dinosaurs existed with man.
11:30 a.m. Lunch Break
12:45 p.m. Afternoon Sessions
  Adult & Youth Session Combined Dr. Tim Clarey Feathered Dinos and Other Evolutionary Fairy Tales Most popular movies, TV shows, and books portray dinosaurs with feathers and claim they have an evolutionary relationship with birds. This talk dispels these myths and presents the science of dinosaurs as found in the rocks themselves. Much of what is taught in public schools is not based on the evidence. Dinosaurs did not evolve into birds, did not develop feathers, did not have evolutionary ancestors, and did not live millions of years ago. Dinosaurs were designed fully-formed as a unique group of reptile kinds, just as the Bible describes in Genesis.
  Children's Session Miss Emily Steele Dinosaur Activities
1:15 p.m. Break
1:30 p.m. Dinosaur Challenge Mr. Dave Napier ICR Dinosaur Challenge
1:50 p.m. Q&A Dr. Tim Clarey
2:30 p.m. Closing Remarks

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