2013 NCCSA Educators' Convention

Dr. Jake Hebert will be speaking at the 2013 NCCSA Educators' Convention in Greensboro, NC.

Dates: Sep 26, 2013 - Sep 27, 2013


Thursday, 2:10-3:00PM
“The Big Bang is Broken”
(Workshop II, Room: Blandwood)

Thursday, 3:10-4:00PM
“Inexpensive Physics Lab and Demonstration Ideas”
(Workshop III, Room: Blandwood)

Friday, 8:30-9:20AM
“Using Computers to Enhance Math and Science Instruction”
(Workshop V, Room: Blandwood)

Friday, 9:30-10:20AM
“Christian Apologetics in the Physics Classroom”
(Workshop VI, Room: Blandwood)

Friday, 2:30-3:20PM
“’Global Warming’ and the Christian”
(Workshop VIII, Room: Blandwood)

Koury Convention Center
3121 High Point Road
Greensboro, NC 27407

For more information and registration, please visit the NCCSA Convention website here or call 919.731.4844.

Map and Directions