Chicken or egg? Which came first? 

Chicken Before Egg? Chickens are amazingly complex creatures, with their hollow bones, intricate feathers, four-chambered heart, continuous air intake, high metabolism, complex brain, good hearing, superb color vision, etc. Everything about a chicken suggests careful design.

Egg Before Chicken? A chicken egg is an amazingly complex system. The embryo nestles safely inside, surrounded and cushioned by amniotic fluid and nourished by the yolk. Metabolic wastes are insulated from the rest, while oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged across the hard but porous shell. Everything about an egg also suggests careful design.

Chicken or Egg? Here's the Answer: Read "What Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?"

All Life Systems Were Created by God
Biological life was specially and supernaturally created by the Creator.  More...