brought it to me

Genesis 27:20

27:20 brought it to me. Jacob no doubt hoped that Isaac would not question him at all. But Isaac did, and so there was no way of accomplishing Rebekah’s plan now except by overt lying and even by taking God’s name in vain. Jacob and Rebekah were godly and sensitive people, and it must have grieved them greatly to break God’s commandments like this, especially knowing that it could only be a matter of an hour or so before it would all be exposed, with all the wrath and recriminations that would follow. The whole episode can only really be understood in light of their hope that Isaac’s sudden knowledge that his beloved wife and faithful son would go to such lengths to prevent him from blaspheming God and His will might shock him to his senses (as, indeed, it did!). It is significant that God never spoke to either Rebekah or Jacob by way of rebuke over this incident. In fact, God later explicitly confirmed Isaac’s blessing to Jacob (Genesis 28:13-15). The rebuke was solely for Esau, and the repentance was Isaac’s, not Jacob’s.

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