quicken thou me

Psalms 119:25

119:25 quicken thou me. Revival (that is, “life again”) is associated with the Word. Rather than considering Psalm 119 as a random collection of pithy sayings about the Scriptures, one might think of it as a life-long diary of the young man who wrote it, beginning with his cleansing through the Word (Psalm 119:9), continuing on through all phases of his life in the Lord, and ending in old age when he again thrusts himself on God’s grace, anxiously longing for his full salvation when he meets the Lord (Psalm 119:174). Each stanza might represent a specific phase in his life-long pilgrimage, and his relation to the Scriptures. Each phase of one’s life in the Lord may have one major theme but with overtones from other phases. Perhaps the following could be seen as the major themes of the respective stanzas, all from the perspective of continued application of the Scriptures.

1. Conviction 7. Comfort 12. Sovereignty 17. Victory

2. Regeneration 8. Fellowship 13. Understanding 18. Truth

3. Nurture 9. Chastisement 14. Guidance 19. Trust

4. Confession 10. Submission 15. Protection 20. Deliverance

5. Restoration 11. Persecution 16. Obedience 21. Peace

6. Testimony 22. Salvation

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