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New Defender's Study Bible Notes

9:20 repented not. The terrible army of centaur-like animals, half horse and half lion, with fire-breathing dragon mouths and serpent tails (Revelation 9:17), will eventually be slain, perhaps by the heavy artillery of modern armies. Men once again will smugly relax in their humanistic and pantheistic religions, confident in the invincibility of modern science and technology and now willingly and knowingly electing to follow Satan against God.

9:20 worship devils. The modern surge of New Age religions is, of course, merely a reversion to ancient pantheistic evolutionism, with all its trappings of occultism, spiritism, and polytheism. It will eventually become full-fledged demonism and finally Satan-worship (Revelation 13:4). Images depicting the “gods” of nature and energized by evil spirits will proliferate in the Western World just as they always have thrived in Asia and Africa, and with Lucifer recognized as the supreme pinnacle of cosmic, evolutionary consciousness.

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