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New Defender's Study Bible Notes

21:8 fearful. This fear refers not so much to physical cowardice as to lack of true faith which faith must be evidenced by public commitment to Christ. Note Mark 4:40; II Timothy 1:7; Matthew 10:32; Romans 10:9-10).

21:8 unbelieving. Final, unchanging, refusal to believe on Christ as Son of God and personal Savior is the only ultimately unforgivable sin (John 3:18).

21:8 whoremongers. The “abominable” are those who practice “abominations”—that is, the blasphemous and licentious practices associated with idolatry. “Murderers” are those guilty, not of manslaughter or of slayings in warfare of self-defense, but of willful criminal homicide. “Whoremongers,” in the meaning of the Greek pornos, refers not only to pimps but to any who practice or promote sexual activity outside of marriage.

21:8 sorcerers. The “sorcerer” (Greek pharmakeus) is one who uses drugs to induce pseudo-religious fantasies and occult experiences.

21:8 idolaters. “Idolaters” are those who are devoted to any object, spirit, person or practice which takes the place of God in their lives.

21:8 liars. “Liars” are those who practice deception and falsehood, especially false teachers (II Peter 2:1-3; Jude 4,13).

21:8 fire. This is the last reference to “fire” in the Bible. The first was in Genesis 19:24. Both also involve brimstone (see on Revelation 20:10) and both involve divine judgment on sin.

21:8 second death. See note on Revelation 20:14.

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