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New Defender's Study Bible Notes

19:10 do it not. Only God, not even the mightiest angel, is to be worshipped. To “worship” means, literally, to “bow down to the will of the one being worshipped,” and it is God’s will with which we must be concerned, not that of any creature of God. The sin of the devil was his desire to be worshipped and obeyed as God.

19:10 testimony of Jesus. This verse is the only place where the phrase “the testimony of Jesus” (i.e., about Jesus) appears in the Bible, and also the only place where the phrase “the Spirit of prophecy” appears. Thus a true prophet, inspired by the Holy Spirit, will testify that God was indeed incarnate in the man Jesus (I John 2:22; 4:1-3). Therefore Jesus is God, and is to be worshipped, but He alone.

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