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New Defender's Study Bible Notes

10:4 Elishah. Elishah is preserved today as Hellas (Hellenists, Hellespont), another name for Greece. The Iliad mentions them as the “Eilesians.”

10:4 Tarshish. Tarshish is a name frequently mentioned in the Old Testament as a sea-faring people. Apparently the name somehow became later associated with the Phoenicians and their cities of Carthage (North Africa) and Tartessos (Spain), even though these were Canaanites. Perhaps the first settlers of these cities were Japhethites, later conquered and expanded by Phoenicians.

10:4 Kittim. Kittim is another name for Cyprus. The name “Ma-Kittim” (land of Kittim) is possibly preserved as Macedonia.

10:4 Dodanim. Dodanim is the same as Rodanim (I Chronicles 1:7 in some manuscripts). The name is probably found today in the names Dardanelles and Rhodes.

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