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New Defender's Study Bible Notes

10:2 Gomer. The “sons of Japheth,” allowing for the gradual modifications in form of their names over the millennia, can be recognized as the progenitors of the Indo-European peoples. Japheth himself is called “Iapetos,” in the legends of the Greeks, and Iyapeti is the reputed ancestor of the Aryans. Gomer is identified by Herodotus with Cimmeria, a name now surviving as the Crimea. His descendants moved westward, with the name possibly further preserved in Germany and Cambria (Wales).

10:2 Magog. Magog can mean “the place of Gog,” possibly now Georgia in the former USSR.

10:2 Madai. Madai is the ancestor of the Medes.

10:2 Javan. Javan is identified with “Ionia,” and is often translated as “Greece” in the Old Testament.

10:2 Tubal. Tubal is a name probably preserved in the modern Tobolsk and the ancient Tibareni. He is associated with Magog and Meshech in Ezekiel 38:2 and other passages, all probably ancestral to modern Russia.

10:2 Meshech. Meshech is preserved in the names Muskovi and Moscow.

10:2 Tiras. Tiras gave rise to the Thracians, and possibly to the Etruscans.

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