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New Defender's Study Bible Notes

2:9 Godhead. For the other two occurrences of “Godhead” in the Scriptures, see notes on Acts 17:29 and Romans 1:20. Each is a slightly different Greek word, but all mean essentially the same in their respective contexts—that is, God in His full nature and character, the “Godhood” of God; God as He is. Since God is revealed in Scripture as a triune God, the term has always been associated with the Trinity, even though that is not its precise meaning. The “fullness of the Godhead” is manifest—that is, shown convincingly to be true—in the incarnate Christ. The Son in His bodily presence could not thereby also be the omnipresent Father, but His character, His claims and His works did “manifest” the reality of His omnipresence, His eternal existence and all the other divine attributes. “Dwelleth” implies eternal continuance in the bodily state.

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