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New Defender's Study Bible Notes

28:14 with them seven days. As he had done at Sidon at the beginning of the journey (Acts 27:3), so the centurion graciously allowed Paul to spend time with the Christian brethren at Puteoli, on the bay of Naples (Acts 28:13) in southern Italy, near the end of the journey. It is possible that they wanted Paul to spend a week with them so he could address the local congregation on the Lord’s Day. At Puteoli, they left the ship, and continued the rest of the way to Rome on the Appian Way, an important Roman road leading to the Appii Forum, a marketing center some forty or so miles south of Rome (Acts 28:15). There some of the Roman Christians had come to meet Paul. They had undoubtedly read his Roman epistle, which had been sent to them some three years previously, and were eagerly anticipating his coming. They did not know he would be coming as a prisoner, of course, but were nevertheless glad to be identified with him, and Paul was encouraged and thankful.

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