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New Defender's Study Bible Notes

3:10 love life. I Peter 3:10-12 is essentially quoted from Psalm 34:12-16. Thus a controlled tongue is a secret contribution to a long and happy life.

3:11 eschew evil. The venerable English word “eschew” is not used much today, perhaps because there is not much evil that people eschew any more. The Greek word is ekklineo, meaning to “incline away from.” It is used only two other times, being translated “avoid” in Romans 16:17 and “gone out of the way” in Romans 3:12. The latter verse indicates that the ungodly eschew doing good. Those who would love real life and see good days should “do good” and “eschew evil.”

3:11 ensue it. This is the only use of “ensue” in the Bible. It means “pursue” (see Psalm 34:14).

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