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New Defender's Study Bible Notes

2:1 sin not. Lest anyone regard the promises of I John 1:7,9, as a license to sin, John stresses that these very promises should keep them from a life style of sin! That is, the sacrificial love of their Savior, providing full forgiveness and free salvation, should by all rights lead them to hate sin and constrain them to a life of holiness.

2:1 if any man sin. This refers to a specific sin. This provision is not applicable to a life of habitual sin. The latter would indicate that the sinner has not yet truly been born again (see note on I John 3:6).

2:1 advocate. “Advocate” is the Greek paraclete, meaning “one called alongside.” It is translated “Comforter” in John 14:16.

2:2 propitiation. See also I John 4:10. “Propitiation” in this context means “sacrifice” or “satisfaction.”

2:2 sins of the whole world. The value of Christ’s blood was infinite, sufficient to cover all the sins of all the men and women of every age of history. The fact that it is efficacious unto eternal salvation only for the elect (a term that includes all and only those who believe on Him) is no argument that its value was thereby limited.

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