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The Only Reasonable Explanation

Hi, my name is Lauren Pennington, and I work in the accounting department here at ICR.

Many in our culture today wholeheartedly accept evolution and claim that anyone who believes in a Creator denies scientific fact. But this is simply not true. Throughout the universe, overwhelming evidence shows that everything occurred in history exactly as God describes in Genesis.

We don’t need science to somehow "prove" the Bible; it stands on its own right. What we can do, however, is clear away the excuses many people give for their disbelief in God and His Word.

This is one reason I am so excited about the opening of the ICR Discovery Center. Visitors will learn in a new and exciting way how God has displayed His glory throughout nature and history. Believers' faith will be strengthened as they observe the incredible harmony that exists between science and the Bible. And unbelievers will be challenged to realize that God's Word does not contradict scientific data, but instead is the only reasonable explanation for the world we see today.

Please consider partnering with us in this endeavor. I believe that God will use ICR’s Discovery Center powerfully in many lives!


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