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New Video Show Receives Rave Reviews

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In October, the Institute for Creation Research debuted That’s a Fact, a new series of online video shorts aimed at delivering fascinating facts about science, the Bible, and more in an entertaining manner—in two minutes or less.

Initially conceived as a monthly program, due to popular demand—nearly 100,000 viewers in over 100 countries—in December That’s a Fact began airing weekly. New episodes appear each week, and viewers can share these fun videos with friends via social media networks. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for new episode announcements and updates.

That’s a Fact is just one of the exciting new developments at ICR in our mission to equip believers with evidence of the Bible’s accuracy and authority.

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Comments on the opening episodes:

I’d like to see a lot more short videos like this one. It is a great art form in sharing a worldview perspective!

Great job! Informative and easy to understand. My kids will love these. Can’t wait for more.

I think this is an excellent use of media! It is an exciting, striking presentation that captures the attention. The use of the written word on the screen following the spoken is effective. The information is sound and correct. This is a HOME RUN for ICR and I am excited to see more.

Kudos, ICR! A wonderful tool to explain BIG concepts. May God be glorified through this effort!

These clips are great! I have been working to gather information from many sources to put together some basic apologetics material that I can use for my three sons to help strengthen their faith. These videos are a great supplement. Please keep doing the good work you are doing. It is very helpful and profitable for the kingdom of God.

I really appreciate this video’s message. Working in research for over 30 years and now teaching alternative energies, I have to use textbooks that are filled with the “billions” of years theory. Most that I work with know this is false, but we keep getting fed a stream of it. Of course we know that the eruption of Mt. St. Helens proved that theory wrong with deposits made in a few years instead of billions. Keep up your great work!

This is fabulous! Evolutionists claim that “Science is evolution and evolution is science.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Science is founded upon the Scientific Method; which developed from Christian philosophy. In reality, there aren’t any problems between science and Christianity, there are enormous and growing problems between science and evolution.

Excellent! These short videos might be good to use at Good News Club with children in grades 1-6.

I like it. Great tool to use with friends and others to get them thinking about what we’ve been fed by our public schools! Think about it! Pass it on.

So....take a minute and a half to view this convincing video, then tell me if you believe that random chance resulted in the Human Brain and all of the other fascinating and super highly complicated parts of the Human Body....I believe in the Creator of Heaven and Earth, and that the Triune God: Father, Son and Holy Ghost created it all in six days just as described in the Book of Genesis.

Three pounds and the consistency of wet cheese describes the physical nature of the human brain. Yet it detects beauty, it supports complex language, it houses consciousness, it is more wonderful and amazing and more complex than the space shuttle. How many space shuttles occurred from “random chance,” appearing out of “nothing”? Praise the Lord, the Creator of heaven and earth, may all His creatures praise Him!

I’ve always wondered what we would have learned by now if scientists had researched and analyzed their research in view of the Bible.

Every so often I have an opportunity to show my science students that many of the earlier scientists believed the Bible and did science that is lasting. I like them to know that evolution is a threat to the solid foundation laid by these Christian scientists.

God has gifted people with many talents which enable them to produce amazing products to share God’s power, wisdom, and love for us all. This video is one such creation. ICR: you’re amazing! God bless you all.

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