The Created Sun and Moon [Podcast]

1) The Created Sun and Moon

What does Scripture say about the sun and the moon? How do these two “great lights” rule the heavens? In this special episode of Science, Scripture, & Salvation, Dr. Jim Johnson describes the sun and moon’s impact on our planet, as well as their effects on plants, animals, and humans. He also sheds light on a historical controversy involving Galileo.

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Ancient Canaanite DNA Confirms Biblical Accuracy

New DNA research shows that modern Lebanese are descended from ancient Canaanite people. The Israelites allowed these Phoenician tribes to remain in the land they conquered thousands of years ago, just as revealed in the Bible.


Climate Change

Climate change heats up the headlines. But is the earth really getting warmer?


Wacky Conclusion from Tardigrade Research

Tardigrades, also known as water bears, are smaller than a millimeter, live in water, and can endure all kinds of harsh environments. A recent research project found that asteroid impacts and nearby supernovae and gamma-ray bursts would wreck humanity but leave tardigrades unscathed. Does this mean we should expect to find tardigrade-like life on other planets and moons?


Fossil Plants Contain Original Molecules

Researchers shined a laser light on fossil leaves and found some surprising results. What they thought were just impressions of leaves turned out to contain original molecules—persisting after millions of supposed years.


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