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Monkey Ears and Wasted Years

"I came in here today a committed evolutionist, but I am leaving with a firm belief in creation."

I had just finished giving a lecture at a "Back to Genesis" seminar. I turned to see a man beaming, who shook my hand enthusiastically and then briefly related a story concerning his battle with evolution. He didn't give many details, but what had happened was obviously something very dear to him.

I asked him to write down his testimony and send it to us, which he did. I want to share it with you, as I know you not only will find this fascinating reading, but it will inspire and delight you.

"I was the man who said, 'I came in here today a committed evolutionist, but I am leaving with a firm belief in creation.' I mentioned that I have been having an ongoing argument with a Christian friend over the past two years on the subject, and he had challenged me to attend your seminar.

"The reasons I wanted to write a letter, rather than commenting on the spot, were that: (1) evolutionary theory has been an important part of my life and I wanted to explain that; and, (2) I wanted to be sure that my new belief was 'real' and that I had not just got caught up in the emotion of the moment.

"I am happy to report, much to my friend's delight, that my belief in and understanding of creation continues to grow stronger rather than weaker. In fact, it has opened up a whole new world of intellectual challenge and spiritual growth. Nothing is quite as exciting to me as having a fundamental bias exploded in my mind, then running around frantically—but joyfully—trying to fit the pieces back together in their new configuration as they settle back to earth. It is, perhaps, the cranial equivalent of the: 'Big Bang,' and has no doubt given rise to the trite-but-apt phrase, 'blowing one's mind.'

"I thank you for that, gentlemen, and look forward to processing all the old data I had up there into new information."

"As for my previous belief in evolution, I want to impress on you just how strong it was and how it came about. This was not a quick conversion, gentlemen. Evolution was not some abstract intellectual notion to me. I thoroughly understood it, and knew it was true. It was fundamental to my view of the universe.

"I tell you the exact moment I came to know that evolution was true. I'm not talking about 'valid' here, as in the syllogistic sense; but true, as in the religious sense.

"I was in college at the time, my head filled with all the appropriate public school assumptions on the topic, plus a smattering of college-level courses in biology, zoology, geology, archaeology, and anthropology. At that time the Phylogenetic Theory (the evolutionary history of life) was recited almost as a mantra in liberal arts as well as science classes. Many of my fellow-students were education majors. It was an article of faith among them that, although the Teacher Certification Board wrote a new test every year, it would always contain at least one question on the Phylogenetic Theory. It was generally believed that anyone who answered that question incorrectly would have to retake the test.

"Like everyone else, of course, I accepted evolution—I 'believed' the theory. But the moment of truth was yet to come.

"One day, after leaving an anthropology class that I particularly liked, I was walking downtown and happened past a pet store. My mind still abuzz with the material from the class, I looked through the window, up into the face of a small new-world monkey. I can't recall what species he was, but it's the one with the tiny little ears that look exactly like human ears. He stared at me. I stared at him. And we reached an understanding.

"At that instant evolution stopped being a theory to me and became a 'truth.' Those ears proved it. It was a highly emotional experience. In an instant, all of the indoctrination, all of the exclusivity of evolutionary teaching, all of the carefully selected evidence I had seen, all of my fashionable intellectual assumptions, codified into an absolute certainty of truth. The experience had all the properties of a religious experience and, indeed, I believe it was. . . .

"All of this came to an end, however, at the seminar at Yakima. And that moment of truth was a lot more exciting than monkey ears. . . . When I walked through the door of the assembly hall on Saturday morning, I was an avowed evolutionist. As always, however, God's timing was perfect: You happened to be there on that particular weekend. My friend happened to have an extra ticket. I happened to have nothing else planned. So what walked out Saturday evening was an improved vessel.

"Thank you, gentlemen! And thank the Lord!"

John B.

John is just one of a great host of people whose lives have been radically changed as a result of the creation ministry. However, he also is one of literally billions of people on this planet who have been thoroughly indoctrinated in evolution. Praise the Lord, John was able to come to a life changing creation seminar.

But there's much morel Thomas wrote recently: "I have known Christ for three years now, and He is my life. I attended your seminar in Greenville, South Carolina recently with my father. I was already a creationist, but I saw my father transformed before my very eyes from a skeptic to a 'true believer' in God's Word."

Charles wrote: I certainly enjoyed your lectures and meeting you in St. Louis. I think that there is no issue more important to the Christian churches.... Dumping the evolution baggage that I had been saddled with in high school meant the lifting of a great burden from me. I thank God for your work and that of ICR. It has changed my life by increasing my faith and knowledge."

These are just a few—just the tip of iceberg—which brings me to a point where I want to challenge you, the reader.

I remember very vividly an event which took place in a public high school in Illinois. After speaking to a number of science classes, a young girl with tears in her eyes came up to me and said, "Sir, why haven't our teachers told us about this information? I have never heard this before. I did not know you could believe in creation. No one ever told me."

I sighed! My heart was heavy. The task seems impossible! What a difference we can make if we can get this information to the people. Lives are changed! Families are changed! Churches are changed! Nations can be changed! I believe a creation ministry can provide the foundation necessary for revival in any nation. And so here is the challenge, straight from the Word of the Creator God:

"How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent?" (Romans 10:14,15).

This nation needs the message of creation and salvation more than ever before. There is a real urgency to get this message out. The chasm between what is Christian and what is not Christian is widening. As the creation foundation and thus the basis for Christian absolutes are removed and replaced by the evolution foundation and thus relative morality, this nation will sink deeper into economic and moral chaos.

You see, the real crisis in this nation is a MORALITY crisis, resulting from a FOUNDATIONAL crisis—people are abandoning the God of creation. Please help us, as we begin this new year, to expand the creation ministry and confront the onslaughts of evolutionary humanism head on!

Cite this article: Kenneth Ham. 1993. Monkey Ears and Wasted Years. Acts & Facts. 22 (1).

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