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ICR Executive Encounters Atheist David Seaborg in BBC Interview

While thousands of ministers across the United States extolled the virtues and accomplishments of Charles Darwin on “Evolution Sunday,” the Institute for Creation Research took this opportunity to present the truths of biblical creation to evolutionists in a different setting.

Dr. Henry Morris III, CEO of ICR, was invited to interact with evolutionary biologist Dr. David Seaborg on a BBC radio interview held February 11 in northern California.

Dr. Seaborg, son of Nobel Laureate Glenn Seaborg, is a professing atheist and an international activist on environmental and peace issues. BBC radio had asked Dr. Morris to “react” to the Darwin Day speech given by Seaborg, the first of several interviews arranged by the broadcaster.

After the encounter, Dr. Morris wrote of his conversation with Dr. Seaborg:

This interview proved to be an interesting encounter for me. I agreed to do this because of the world outreach of the BBC. Millions will hear the program. Some will no doubt be moved by the Holy Spirit by what He enabled me to communicate. I wanted to point them to the Creator, and His Son.

After sitting through Dr. Seaborg’s “Darwin Day” presentation (he was dressed up as Charles Darwin) at Humanist Hall, we spent about an hour "interacting" on the "faith" side of our worldviews. A fairly significant crowd gathered around us as we talked, and my prayer was for some to really listen to the truth.
We held a fairly amiable conversation about the issues of science and faith. I stressed the presuppositional beginnings of both belief systems and tried to give a clear, simple rebuttal to each of his "scientific” answers. His main point was that "science" had proven evolution and "all credible scientists" believed in evolution…so there! He kept bringing up the fossils, biological clocks, and radiometric dating—issues that ICR has specialized in debunking for 30 years.
I had prayed specifically that the Lord would give me "in that hour" the words to answer so that none could "gainsay nor resist." I believe the Lord granted me the opportunity to speak with great liberty.
The producer who recorded our interview gave a very gracious critique, that she had never heard the "other side" and was "quite impressed" with the amount of evidence and articulate logic "in our favor." One can only pray that the Holy Spirit will draw her toward the truth. I did, thankfully, have an opportunity to share with her the gospel message as well as why the message was so important.

The results are in His hands now.

Dr. Morris was only one of many biblical creationists around the world who used “Evolution Sunday” as an opportunity for truth, not to celebrate the life of an unbeliever—Charles Darwin—but to exalt the name of the Creator, the One in whom all men are invited to believe.

[To hear these interviews with Dr. Morris, check for dates and times at the BBC Heart and Soul web site, tentatively scheduled for March 24 and March 31.]

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