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ICR Celebrates 40 Years

On October 7, the Institute for Creation Research held a special banquet in honor of its 40 years of ministry. Over 400 people gathered at the Hilton Dallas Lincoln Centre to celebrate God’s marvelous provision for the work of ICR during the past four decades, as well as to look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead for ICR to share the message that God’s Word is accurate, authoritative, and completely trustworthy in all that it conveys.

Dr. Henry Morris III, CEO of the Institute for Creation Research, served as Master of Ceremonies for the evening. The banquet opened with a special video message from Ken Ham, president/CEO of Answers in Genesis, in appreciation of ICR’s vital role in the creation science movement. Senior Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas led the assembly in prayer, and then the attendees enjoyed the delicious meal prepared by the Hilton staff.

A video montage honored the life of ICR’s founder, Dr. Henry M. Morris, beginning with the prayer of evangelist R. A. Torrey over the infant Henry that he would become a faithful warrior for the King and that God would use him in a mighty way. And God did indeed honor that prayer, for the child grew up to become the father of the modern creation science movement, co-authoring The Genesis Flood in 1961 (as well as authoring many other books both before and after) and founding the Institute for Creation Research in 1970. The video traced Dr. Morris’ legacy through the initial ministry of ICR (with special insights provided by Dr. John Morris), the work being done today, and plans for future opportunities to proclaim God’s truth in science and beyond.

During the banquet, guests were treated to the music of The Heritage Quartet, who blessed the gathering with close harmonies and a profound worship of the Creator in song. Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, delivered a dynamic keynote speech. In a message titled “Maker of Heaven and Earth: Why Creation Is a Gospel Issue,” Dr. Mohler presented a compelling case for the integrity of the Word, the importance of belief in its authority, and the desperate need of today’s world to turn to God’s truth.

Dr. Morris III then offered a brief overview of ICR’s current work in the areas of research, education, and communication. The ICR life sciences team is making strides in its important research into biological origins, the School of Biblical Apologetics has entered its second year, and the Communications and Events Departments are reaching countless people through their publications and seminars, as well as providing vital help to Christian and homeschool teachers through ICR’s Science Education Essentials curriculum supplements. This memorable evening was then closed in prayer by ICR Board Member Dr. Mac Brunson, the senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida.

A special DVD is being prepared that will include the video tribute, Dr. Mohler’s stirring talk, and a special presentation by Dr. Morris III regarding ICR’s accomplishments, current work, and exciting plans for the future, as well as other features. You won’t want to miss this. Look in upcoming issues of Acts & Facts for more details.

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