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Henry M. Morris and Duane T. Gish: Advancing the Cause of Christ

The following excerpts by Dr. Henry Morris and Dr. Duane Gish were taken from the first issue of the Creation-Science Report (Volume 1, Number 1, January–February 1972). This publication was the precursor of Acts & Facts, and a lot has happened in the 50+ years since this report was published. The Lord Jesus Christ has opened doors of opportunity and showered provision on ICR’s ministry from the very beginning—blessings that are still with us today!

Henry M. Morris, Ph.D.

This is the first issue of what we trust will be a bi-monthly booklet of news from the Center, as well as items of significance to our work from around the country. Various members of the Center’s staff and board members, as well as interested friends, will be reporting on their work and activities in the extension of scientific creationism.

It is hard to realize that the Creation Science Research Center [which became the Institute for Creation Research] began, along with Christian Heritage College, only in September 1970. The Center now has a full-time equivalent staff of sixteen people, not including many other scientists, writers, secretaries, and others who have worked for us in connection with special short-term requirements.

Doors of need and opportunity have been opening more rapidly than we can possibly enter. We need wisdom and discernment, as well as personnel and resources, in order to recognize and follow the Lord’s leading in all these matters.

I am writing this in my home state (Texas) while on a speaking assignment for the Center. Since beginning this work 16 months ago, I have been privileged to speak in 14 states and five Canadian provinces. Dr. Duane Gish, our Assistant Director for Research and Publications, and Kelly Segraves, Assistant for Extension, have also been traveling and speaking extensively. This is indicative of the wide interest and concern, as well as of the needs, everywhere.

The future is challenging. We are looking forward with real anticipation to what the Lord will do through this work this year, if we are faithful. Obviously, we need your prayers.


Duane T. Gish, Ph.D.
Assistant Director for Research and Publications

I am sure that no one with research experience would expect earth-shaking results to emerge from a research program under way less than a year.…It may be hard to visualize what kind of research can be done in creation, a Super-natural process completed long ago….

Tens of millions of dollars are spent each year on research conceived within a philosophy of secular humanism, a philosophy we know to be dead wrong. Christians can no longer neglect or delay research that can be so instrumental in advancing the cause of Christ.

The Lord Jesus Christ led Dr. Henry M. Morris to found the Institute for Creation Research in 1970. Through the years, God has prospered the ministry through dedicated creation pioneers like Drs. Duane Gish, John Morris, John Whitcomb, John Baumgardner, Russell Humphreys, Gary Parker, Larry Vardiman, Don DeYoung, Richard Bliss, Steve Austin, Andrew Snelling, and many others.


ICR’s situation today—our goals and need for provision—is much the same as it was a half-century ago when Dr. Morris penned, “We need wisdom and discernment, as well as personnel and resources, in order to recognize and follow the Lord’s leading in all these matters.”

We invite you to partner with us today, and together we’ll advance the cause of Christ. Visit ICR.org/donate to see the many ways you can support ICR’s work.

Cite this article: Various Authors. 2022. Henry M. Morris and Duane T. Gish: Advancing the Cause of Christ. Acts & Facts. 51 (10).

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