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Hawaii Behind the Scenes

ICR Research Scientist Dr. Brian Thomas and ICR Video Producer Clint Loveness, with help from friends and family, recently shot footage in Maui, Hawaii, for upcoming video projects.

On the north side of the island, a beautiful beach venue provided an opportunity to discuss the argument for God from aesthetics. The team next searched for fast-adapting spiders on a jungle nature trail. These spiders were designed—innately engineered—from the beginning to switch between specific color combinations depending on their habitats.

On the island’s south side, the team headed to Lava Fields to showcase how radioisotope dating fails to accurately date lava rocks of known age.

Finally, they drove up the massive Mt. Haleakalā volcano, at 10,000 feet, to highlight the formation of the Hawaiian Islands chain during the Flood year about 4,500 years ago.

We look forward to showing all these beautiful scenes and creation science evidences to you in the final videos!

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