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ICR Discovery Center Update

This summer has required all hands on deck as we prepare for the grand opening of the ICR Discovery Center for Science & Earth History on Labor Day, September 2. The exhibit hall has constantly buzzed with workers and ICR staff getting it ready for our first visitors.

Many of the exhibits needed significant off-campus creative work from outside experts, and those parts—like the Founders of Science, Origin of the Universe, Life of Christ, and Return of the King displays—are now in the final phases of installation.

When you first enter the exhibit hall, you’ll meet some of the greatest scientific minds in history. Enjoy talking portraits of scientists like Sir Isaac Newton and Johannes Kepler, whose faith in God inspired their scientific pursuits.

In the Origin of the Universe room, you’ll journey back to the very beginning of time. We recently added film screens that will display God’s work during the six days of creation. Young and old alike will marvel at our Creator’s power to speak such a huge, complex universe into existence. A giant globe in the center of the room will allow visitors to explore the unique design features of the planets of our solar system.

The Dragon Encounter exhibit is just about ready. It highlights examples from all over the world where humans encountered “dragons” long before they were called dinosaurs. Find out how historical sightings of these fantastic beasts fit with the Bible’s timeline rather than an evolutionary one.

We’ve just posted ICR scientists’ latest research on walls within the exhibit hall. The Bones of Contention section describes how original tissues—such as blood vessels, collagen, and bone cells—are routinely found in dinosaur fossils. These fast-decaying biomaterials shouldn’t be there if dinosaurs lived tens of millions of years ago.

Holograms in the Life of Christ/ Return exhibits will tie all of this science and history together and show how it points to Christ. Jesus is our Creator and Savior, and one day He’ll return as the triumphant King. Visitors will be invited to trust His Word in all matters, from science to salvation.

This project is almost ready—and we’re so excited for you to see it! Please pray for us and consider financially supporting this new ministry outreach as we near the finish line.

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