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ICR Discovery Center Update

ICR staff members recently enjoyed a sneak preview of the ICR Discovery Center for Science and Earth History’s first planetarium show, Creation in the Solar System. With stunning visuals and faith-building facts, the show inspires praise to God for His majestic handiwork. We look forward to the Discovery Center’s opening later this year when visitors from all over will learn about these wonders of creation from a biblical perspective.

When we toured the Discovery Center areas currently under construction, several experts were immersed in their various projects. Artists were painting the exterior of Christ’s empty tomb and carving the rock face of the Grand Canyon exhibit. Other workers were building the post-Flood baobab tree.

Last October, we showed off the paddlefish fossil panel that will go on the building’s exterior wall facing busy Royal Lane. This time we’re showcasing the ammonite and trilobite panels we recently received, and six more should get here soon. For all who pass by the Discovery Center, these eye-catching displays will hint at the scientific evidence for biblical creation that awaits inside.

ICR also has great plans for the area surrounding the center. Our fountain will showcase a 25-foot stainless steel sculpture of a DNA double helix—a scenic place to take photos! In addition to expanded parking and new landscaping, we are installing a park with numerous trees and a picnic area. We hope your family will enjoy eating lunch and spending time together in the park during your visit.

Help Us Complete the Exhibits

We’re developing the most educational and inspirational exhibits possible to point people to the truth of our Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ. Visit ICR.org/DiscoveryCenter to find out how you can partner with us in prayer and help us finish strong!

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