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ICR Discovery Center Update

Don’t let the gray concrete fool you! Our scaled Grand Canyon exhibit will be as colorful as the real thing—just look at the cover of this month’s Acts & Facts. ICR geologist Dr. Tim Clarey is overseeing the model’s construction, marking the rock layers laid down during the Flood year and directing the overall look and feel of the exhibit.

ICR is blessed with many seasoned experts who are helping to ensure that every display reflects scientific integrity as well as biblical truth. If you’re interested in knowing more about Grand Canyon, check out Dr. Clarey’s article in this issue describing how the canyon was carved during the final stages of the Flood (pages 10-13). And for an even more in-depth look, join him for a Grand Canyon tour in 2019 (page 8).

As for the Tower of Babel exhibit, we’re detailing the model’s façade with carved images from the ancient Middle East. The tower was likely similar to a giant ziggurat, a stepped pyramid built over 4,000 years ago in the region now known as Iraq. Similar pyramids were built in other regions after the Flood. ICR will show how the events at Babel provide a sensible explanation for the distinctive features and languages we find throughout the world today.

The Discovery Center will go even further back in history to the Garden of Eden. What was the world like before the Fall? We have few biblical passages to work from as we choose plants and animals that might have shared the garden with Adam and Eve. Our artist is carving a rocky scape for the waterfall that will flow through this little corner of paradise.

We can’t wait to see how displays of these major events in Earth history will draw visitors into the biblical narrative, and ultimately to the Creator Himself. The scientific evidence presented in and around them will be faith-building for believers and thought-provoking for those who come with an open mind. We pray God will use the Discovery Center to bring many into His Kingdom.

Help Us Complete the Exhibits

We’re developing the most educational and inspirational exhibits possible to point people to the truth of our Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ. Visit ICR.org/DiscoveryCenter to find out how you can join us in this vital project. Partner with us in prayer and help us finish strong!

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