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Ever wonder if the great scientists in history believed in God? Are “real” scientists only modeled by atheists like Richard Dawkins, Steven Jay Gould, and Carl Sagan? Not according to history!

Well-researched and vividly presented, Thinking God’s Thoughts After Him by Christine Dao unveils what the founding fathers of science believed about God as Creator.

While today’s science establishment seeks to disavow the existence of God, Creator, or Designer, those great men of science humbly acknowledged both Creator and Lord.

With a study section included for use in the classroom, Thinking God’s Thoughts After Him will give you a fresh reminder of what real science is all about.

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Exploring the Evidence for Creation - Click Image to CloseExploring the Evidence for Creation

Science is the business of discovery, a rational inquiry into truth. Not a relative set of morals, but absolute truth based on solid evidence.

  • If God exists, what does He expect of mankind?
  • Is truth really absolute or can we adapt it according to our circumstances?
  • What does the natural world teach us about creation?
  • Can we believe in a Creator and still be true to science?
  • Is the Bible accurate and authoritative in our lives?

Many scientists today are predisposed to reject evidence that points to a Creator or Designer. Are Christians at liberty to place the theories of science over the Word of God? Exploring the Evidence for Creation cuts through the arguments and lays out evidence that is rational, scientific, and biblically-based.

Exploring the Evidence for Creation is a primer on discovering truth, knowing God, and honoring Him as Creator.

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