Human Heredity

Creation-Based K-12 Curriculum Supplement

Table of Contents Page
Preface   7
Inheritance   9
  Adam and Eve 10
The Inheritance of DNA, Chromosomes, and Genes 13
  DNA, Chromosomes, and Genes 13
  Basic Mendelian Genetics 15
Human Inheritance 23
  Inheritance of the ABO Blood Type 25
  The Color of Humans from Polygenic Inheritance 29
    Pigmentation 30
    Skin Color 31
    Skin Color Mutations 32
    Eye Color 34
    Eye Color-Associated Polymorphisms 34
  Human Sex-linked Inheritance 36
  Human Genetic Disorders 38
Bibliography   41

Human Heredity includes a content book and a CD-ROM packed with K-12 reproducible classroom activities and PowerPoint presentations. Science Education Essentials are designed to work within your school’s existing science curriculum, with an uncompromising foundation of creation-based science instruction.

Created by the faculty and scientists at the Institute for Creation Research.

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