Smile... The Future's On Its Way
by C.J. Horn
Dedication & Acknowledgements
The woman of Proverbs 31 smiled at the future, but would she smile if she lived in our time? The answer is yes, because a right perspective spans all problems and all generations.
As we face the year 2000, there have never been more things to be afraid of. Smile ... The Future's On Its Way is an inoculation against those things that rob one of confidence to face the future. Its perspectives are anchored securely in the bedrock of the Word of God.
One chapter returns to Samaria to ask how the woman at the well fared after Jesus left. Other chapters offer perspective on opposition, on forgiveness, on authority; one examines the potential of the generation to come, another asks "why pray?" It is not positive thinking that makes the difference. It is right thinking! The title of the book is indicative of its effect on the reader:
To my mother, who showed me the way,
To Sarah and Joey, who launched me on life's grandest adventure,
To my sister, DeeAnn, echo of my heart,
And to David, who made everything possible.
Every person needs a cheering section. It is made up of those people who love us, pray for us and who inspire us to reach beyond who we are. I acknowledge my thanks to many in my life who in their splendid individual ways have encouraged and cheered for me. Many say there are no heroes left in this world. I say there are heroes all around us. Without them this book would not have been done. Thank you dear ones:
Marge Appelquist, Eva Archer, Lolly Bliss, Cheryl Cantor, Donna Dalton, Lolly Gish, Geri Green, Peggy Guerra, Diane Henderson, Pauline Horn, Nancy Horner, Pat Huntsman, Connie Kotch, Margo Kreger, Penny L. LaHaye, Sharyn Manning, Hildie Maritz, Barbara Morgan, Mary Louise Morris, Kathy Neidigk, Lee Pierce, Nihla Perryman, Diana Reabold, Ruth Richards, Cheri Rohrer, Lois Spain, Kathryn Stanley, Mary Thomas, Judy Scharfenberg, Margaret Tarvin, Carol Tubbs, Sandy Underwood, Margie Valderama and Michelle Whitman. Biographical Note
I was a homeschool mother who taught my children through their high school years when there was little curriculum and less support. I continually looked for encouragement that we were doing the right thing. One of my greatest fears in teaching my own children was the idea I was inadequate for the task. The Word of God became my main source of encouragement and support. In fact, our school motto became, "Do the right thing, not just a good thing." This motto was the essence of what I always found in God's Word. He was adequate to lead me to to the right thing. And if I was dedicated to that, I was too busy to worry about inadequacy.
This book was originally intended as an encouragement for home school mothers, but in the end, it became a collection of perspectives for all women. It stands as such because it is based on the blessed Word of God that is alive--helping, holding, (and herding me at times) toward doing the right thing, in everything.