Guide to Animals

Frank Sherwin, M.A.

How do fish breathe and birds fly? Why do some animals migrate and others hibernate? And what happened to the dinosaurs and other extinct animals?

Get the answers from zoologist Frank Sherwin in ICR’s new book Guide to Animals!

This beautiful hardcover edition is loaded with full-color illustrations, fun facts, and the science about some of your favorite animals in creation!

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Topics include:

  • Creation of the Animals
  • Are Humans Animals?
  • Tigers—Big Cats, Small Numbers
  • Animals on the Ark
  • Designed for Flight
  • Snakes—Limbless Land Animals
  • Dinosaurs—“Terrible Lizards”
  • Fossilized Animals
  • Sharks—Vertebrates with No Bones
  • Camouflage
  • Extreme Habitats
  • Horses—Animals Built for Work
  • And special sections dedicated to dolphins, monkeys, penguins, dogs, cats…and many more!