Men of Science, Men of God

“One of the most serious fallacies of modern thought is the widespread notion that biblical Christianity is in conflict with true science and, therefore, that genuine scientists cannot believe the Bible.”

— Dr. Henry M. Morris, Founder of the Institute for Creation Research

Ever wonder if the great scientists in history believed in God? Are “real” scientists only modeled by atheists like Richard Dawkins, Steven Jay Gould, and Carl Sagan? Not according to history!

While today’s science establishment seeks to disavow the existence of God, Creator, or Designer, those great men of science humbly acknowledged both Creator and Lord.


For teachers who need an answer key to the study questions, click the appropriate name below:

Galileo Galilei
Johann Kepler
Robert Boyle
Isaac Newton
Charles Bell
William Kirby
Michael Faraday
James Clerk Maxwell
Gregor Mendel
Louis Pasteur
George Washington Carver
Henry M. Morris



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