Geologic Processes

Creation-Based K-12 Curriculum Supplement

Table of Contents
Preface 7
Introduction 9
The Earth as a Result of Past Processes 13
Earth's Present Makeup 15
  Types of Rock in the Crust 16
  Divisions within the Crust and Upper Mantle 17
Geologic Processes Acting Today 21
  Erosional Processes That Shape the Earth's Surface 21
  Tectonic Forces That Shape the Earth 25
  Depositional Processes That Shape the Earth 27
  The Deposition of Igneous Rock 27
  The Deposition of Sedimentary Rock 32
  Oceanic Processes That Shape the Earth 36
Creation and the Genesis Flood 39
  The Great Flood of Noah's Day 40
Conclusion 43
Bibliography 45

Geologic Processes includes a content book and a CD-ROM packed with K-12 reproducible classroom activities and PowerPoint presentations. Science Education Essentials are designed to work within your school’s existing science curriculum, with an uncompromising foundation of creation-based science instruction.

Created by the faculty and scientists at the Institute for Creation Research.

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